3 Steps to Create Abundance and Find the Golden Touch Formula

If you’re ready to move away from mediocrity and discover how to create abundance in your life, then Golden Touch by Zhang Xinyue has some exciting solutions. We believe we can help make your journey successful. But we also believe it’s important that the journey be joyful and fun. No use getting wealthy if it costs your health, right?

Below, we touch on 3 important elements of the journey to create abundance in your life. These are sure-fire methods tested by the Golden Touch mentors and teachers.

Find a Mentor not a friend. You may have plenty of individuals assisting you in several areas, but do they challenge you to think outside the box? Take on a mentor who will challenge your ideas and take you outside your comfort zone.

Develop your intuition. Intuition can be a powerful guide but should not always be trusted. We’ve been educated to go through a process on a conscious level before making big decisions.

Ask the right questions-With individuals and businesses, it all comes down to this one point: The quality of your outcome depends on the quality of your questions. Ask the right questions before starting a new project.

At Golden Touch retreats, we believe we can help you find the path to create abundance while maintaining joy and peace of mind. Our teachers and mentors will help you let go of limiting behaviors so you can reach for greater success. Come join us soon for our next Golden Touch retreat in a major city like Vancouver, Kuala Lumpur or Milan, Italy.