7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for him

Article Provided by Memorable Gifts.

Do you need some help finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend, husband, or relative for Valentine’s Day? Here are some ideas for anyone with a low budget or if money is no issue!

  1. Live concert ticket

Is your special someone a music lover? Check to see if his favorite band or musician is visiting your area anytime soon. There is most likely going to be an act that he likes that plays sometime soon. Surprise him with the tickets!

  1. Autographed sports memorabiliaIf you’re willing to spend a little more, an autographed item from your man’s favorite player is sure to make his eyes open wide in amazement. SportsCollectibles.com has a large selection of these items.

3. Eat Like a Man cookbook For the man who loves to eat and cook food, Esquire’s Eat Like a Man cookbook is full of great recipes and amusing meditations on the role of food in a man’s life. Here’s a link to the book on Amazon.com.

  1. Video games

If your man loves playing video games, he’ll love a new title to add to his game library. FIFA 2020 Soccer, The Outer Worlds, and NBA 2K20 are some of the good games that recently came out.

  1. Engraved medallion shot glass

An engraved shot glass is an elegant gift that will make your man look classy as he takes another shot of whiskey.

  1. Blu-Ray or DVDsMany high-quality Blu-Ray DVDs are available at affordable prices. If you are on a budget this would make great gift idea. You can also combine this with another gift or buy several DVD’s. Make sure you choose a crowd-pleasing popcorn flick like the new Ramboo (Last Blood) or Joker… 2 movies most guys are going to love!
  2. Man cave wall decoration

Show your man how much you care by letting him take ownership of his man cave. A personalized man cave wall panel will make the space uniquely his.

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