Basic Tips for Investing in Bitcoin

If you’re looking to learn more about Bitcoin, and collect a few coins yourself, then you’ve come to the right place! Crypto currency, as it’s referred to, is a new form of digital currency that relies on a publicly accessible ledger to record every transaction ever made with it. The most popular form is BitCoin, which has become a mainstay. There are many offshoots, says, but Bitcoin is the simplest to get started with.

What You Need

The first thing you’ll need to begin investing in Bitcoin is a digital wallet. Wallet is like your regular wallet, its job is to hold your currency and that’s it. Bitcoins themselves can cost hundreds of dollars, so your first coin may just be a fraction of a coin (sometimes called a “Satoshi”).

Try to Avoid Advisors

Bitcoin is fledgling, which means its value fluctuates rapidly. That said, the middleman economy around this currency knows only a bit more than you do as far as fundamentals. In this case, it’s better to read up on Bitcoin and be sure you’re making financial decisions you actually understand. That said, don’t immediately over-invest. Especially if bitcoins are cheap when you decide to buy them.

Advisors will take a cut of your profits. If value trends downward, you could lose significant portions of your investments to fees.

Safety First

The final tip is to keep your Bitcoins stashed somewhere secure. Bitcoins represent real money, and the market attracts the technologically advanced. Never under estimate a thief’s desire to steal your hard earned investment. It presents a bigger risk than high risk credit card processing, in some senses, because at least providers can background check merchants and business models. This form of currency is so new it can be difficult to defend against attacks that aren’t widely known. Proceed with caution and maintain backups.