Essential tips for the first time Kayaker

Kayaking can be a once in a lifetime experience for people who love adventure. Although it is a simple sport to learn, there are a few tips that the beginners can follow before going on their first kayaking trip with a company like Crystal Seas. These tips are as follows:

Get a kayaking lesson

The most important tip is to get a kayaking lesson for yourself. You can find yourself a kayaking center and book yourself a beginner’s lesson at cheap rates.

These lessons will not only help you learn how to paddle but also recover quite easily, in case your kayak capsizes.

Dress according to the water temperature

It is important to wear clothes that are according to the temperature of water and not the air temperature.

Correct choice of a boat

The best kind of a boat for beginners is the sit-on-top kayaks, as they are quite easy to paddle and usually tend to remain stable.

Importance of buoyancy aid

It is essential for the kayakers to wear the buoyancy aid before going on the trip.

How to sit in a kayak

Another important tip for the beginners is to learn how to sit properly in a kayak. It is recommended that you sit up straight while keeping your lower back and buttocks at 90º to each other.

You can place your feet on the foot pegs, while keeping your toes pointed outwards. Make sure to keep the knees bent upwards and outwards.

Hold the paddle correctly

It is important to learn how to hold the paddle. It must be held with both of your hands, while keeping the concave part of the blade facing you.

Bring a change of clothes

Always remember to bring a change of clothes as you might get wet during the trip.

Learn how to rescue

You must always be ready to rescue yourself and others. You should go through the basic capsize drill, in case your kayak capsizes.

Never go kayaking alone

Make sure that you do not go kayaking alone as you might get into an accident. Therefore, it is always better that you go kayaking with at least one person, so that you can get help in case of an emergency.

kayak San Juan Island can be a wonderful experience for beginners if they follow these useful tips and remember that it can be a safe and adventurous at the same time.