How in-store computer financing can be perfect for low credit customers

Blog provided by Curacao

Many of the options for financing computers in monthly increments appear to be tailored to customers with high credit scores. Many personal loan lenders and retailers that provide financing require fair to good credit scores for approval. For example, Best Buy usually approves customers with a fair credit score (640-699) for their standard store card and requires good credit scores (700+) for their Visa card. This means in-store computer financing may not be accessible to low credit customers who are on a budget.

Despite this trend among retailers, there are still in-store financing options that can help customers with low credit get the products they want at reasonable prices. For example, many customers with low credit scores have been approved for Curacao’s store credit card, since they approve customers with credit scores as low as 550. Options such as these can also help customers build their credit because store credit cards have developed a reputation for rewarding successful payments with higher credit scores.

If you apply for a store credit card at Curacao, you’ll also have the added benefit of getting the best possible interest rate. Curacao has an interest beat guarantee that allows you to bring in a pre-approved offer or recent billing statement from their major competitors. If the interest rate is lower than theirs, they won’t just match it. They’ll beat it by an additional 0.25%!

If you want to finance computers with low credit, sign up for Curacao Credit today and you could be approved within seconds!