How to Find the Best Property Manager

Summary: If you can not actively check on your properties, you will want to find a reliable property manager who can do so on your behalf.

Plenty of investors are purchasing houses they can rent out to others. If you have a busy schedule or have properties that are far from home, you will need someone who can go out to your properties to take care of some of the regular business tasks. Things like checking on the property, collecting rent, and helping your tenants out with simple requests can take a lot of weight off of your shoulders.

The issue with choosing to work with a property manager is that you have to be very careful with who you do business with. If you find the wrong one you could end up having money or items stolen. Finding the best property manager can take some time but it will surely be worth your efforts.

Gut Instinct

If you are able to you should meet with the potential property manager in person. Pay attention to how the person talks, dresses, and behaves. All of these aspects are important because your property manager will essentially be representing your business and act as the face of your property when you are away. Does the person seem trustworthy? Use your best judgment and trust that first impression.

Word of Mouth

A great way to find a trustworthy property manager is to ask those who you trust. If you have real estate friends or a real estate agent who know a good property manager, then you might be in luck. Look for a property manager who has a good track record and the necessary credentials.

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