How to protect your online reputation

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The world now lives its life online more than ever. As we do this, we’re starting to realize the importance of a good online reputation. Things stay online forever. An embarrassing photo with an ex-lover, a mug shot, a horrible college photo. The things we do online now can haunt us. They can hang around for years. And this is especially bad for business owners sometimes because customers can leave horrible feedback that’s nearly impossible to get rid of.

What’s the answer to this dilemma? One way that often helps consumers and business owners is to engage with sites like Better Business Bureau. They consider both arguments and try to mediate and solve problems so that everyone is happy in the end. There are sites nowadays that help in many different ways.

For instance, the ComplaintsBoard site will try and help people who feel they’ve been jilted by a business. They get involved whether it’s a banking issue or a package that was never delivered. They try to mediate the complaint and get help to the injured party.

Revdex is a new type of site also providing help to consumers. This site specializes in providing a safe space where consumers can tell their side of the story. Have you been jilted by an apartment complex that tried to keep your deposit money? Did you pay for products that you never received? Unfortunately, these things happen each day across America. Consumers pay to have landscaping done and the service never completes the job. It’s difficult to get help with issues like this.

But when consumers can go online and tell their story, they can often get the attention of the company they’re complaining against. Companies are much more likely to try to resolve these issues so the negative feedback can be removed. That’s the value of Revdex.

Revdex is an online business directory. Revdex’s aim is to improve the connection between consumers and businesses. They provide the customers with an opportunity to browse and post negative complaints and reviews about businesses and they make it easier for their voice to be heard by the companies.

Visit the site to  file complaint about travel services,  report dating service issues,  or any other such issues.