How to Launch a Website Customers Will Use

how-to-launch-a-customer-friendly-websiteCreating a website for your business is easy, but creating one your customers will actually use takes some finesse. Your online store should have the customer’s best interests in mind, presenting the products customers want to see first. Soon, you’ll see this channel contributing greatly to your bottom line.

Step One: Devise a Destination

First, you’ll need some idea of what you want your customers to do when they get to your website. Do you want them in store, where you can upsell them personally? Are you trying to be more convenient? Are you trying to provide a method to check inventory? Figure out what you want the customer to use your site for, and try to settle on just one main objective. If your site sees a lot of traffic, you can start building out more features.

Step Two: Moving Money

If you decide to sell internationally, and even if you don’t, odds are good you’ll rely on a payment processor and digital wallet when you’re first starting out. They are reliable and secure methods of sending and receiving money.

Step Three: Functionality

The user interface is the combination of elements on your site the user will click to get what she wants. Structure your website so that it only takes a few clicks. Also, pay attention to the time it takes for your site to load, and look for opportunities to up sell the customer through specific product placements.

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