Repurposing Rattan Furniture for Your Home Office

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

Research has shown that the ergonomics of workplace furniture is not the only factor that affects employee performance and well-being. In fact, workplace aesthetics can have a significant effect on employee stress, perceptions of work-related pain, and psychological demands. If this is true in communal workplaces, does it also apply to work-from-home employees?

Even if your office is located in your home, it is still the place where you do most of your work. Mentally, you’ll associate your home office with long workdays and tasks you have to accomplish. If your home office is a dull, monotonous area, you won’t be as focused or committed to completing all your goals at work.

To combat this mentality, you must create a comfortable, creative environment that looks eye-catching and promotes creativity. If modern angular furniture styles look dull and uninteresting, you can opt for something less conventional. Natural rattan furniture is popular for its elegant caned design, tropical appearance, and rustic colors. Rattan swivel chairs from dining sets can easily be repurposed as computer chairs. Their mobility and shape are traits also found in computer chairs, and they can be used in conjunction with a wooden computer table to complete the nature-inspired style.

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