Understanding the Different Types of Construction Delays

Summary: Construction delays can inconvenience both your team and the client but they sometimes cannot be avoided. There are some major kinds of delays you should be aware of.


When things do not go according to plan during your construction process, you may experience delays. These delays could be the result of internal or external factors. No matter the cause, any construction delay will negatively impact the construction workers involved and the client who is paying for the project to be completed.


Understanding which kinds of delays exist will help prepare you for when one of them inevitably occurs. Being able to identify delays will give you a better understanding of how to proceed and get the construction process up and running. Refer to the terms and conditions of the contract to fully understand how the delays will impact the progress of the project.


Concurrent Delays


These delays occur when more than one delay event occurs at the same time. This results in the inability to complete numerous activities, ultimately setting the project schedule back. These delays likely will not result in monetary compensation, but the construction workers involved with the project will be granted more time to work on it.


Excusable Delays


Excusable delays are those that occur outside of the construction contractor’s control. For example, terrorist attacks, political or social unrest, and natural disasters are all events that the parties involved cannot predict. These delays can lead to time extensions or compensation for the contractor.


Non-Excusable Delays


Non-excusable delays, on the other hand, are delays that the construction contractor is capable of avoiding. For example, scheduling issues, a lack of proper supervision, and having employees who are not equipped to handle aspects of the project are all problems that the construction employers could have prevented.


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