Why EDI is essential for eCommerce

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All eCommerce businesses that have partnered with other companies are aware of the necessity of effective communication for sales efforts. In the past, business partners have used communication methods such as fax and mail to coordinate sales efforts and share necessary records and information. Over time, businesses have realized that communicating through these outlets carries the potential for human error and may not be the most efficient way of handling information. That is why many eCommerce businesses have sought EDI compliance.

EDI, or electronic data interchange, automatically exchanges necessary information electronically whenever important transactions take place. Computers, rather than people, take care of all the information sharing precisely and expeditiously. This allows you to dedicate more time and staffing to the other important aspects of your business instead of hiring more employees just to exchange and record transaction information. However, this process cannot work without a common EDI standard that multiple companies can understand.

Fortunately, there are several common EDI standards that many major companies use, and with the right EDI provider, you can make your electronic documents comply with an established EDI standard or translate your existing documents into a format your business partners can read.

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