Why How You Choose to Present Your Claim is Crucial

Summary: How a claim is presented can play a tremendous role in how readers will interpret it. A case that is presented well is more likely to win over audience members.


Construction claims are regularly made for a wide variety of different cases. No matter the specific case, however, one thing is certain: the more compelling the case, the more likely it is to be considered in a court of law. There are some techniques you can use to make your claim as strong as possible.


Expert Facts Opinions


Since the purpose of a construction claim is to convince readers of the validity of your case, you will need supporting facts to back up what you say. If there are experts in the relevant fields who can provide facts and thoughts on the matter, their input could give more weight to your case. Lyles Charles and his consulting firm have drafted robust presentations that show just how important proper technique is.


Universally Understood


When drafting a construction claim you need to take your audience into consideration. Who will the average reader be and can you expect them to understand the complex natures of the case and the legal system? Depending on the case, you might need to explain certain terms and situations that might be confusing to some readers. A strong construction claims expert should aim to draft the claim in a way that makes the claim easy to follow, even without being a seasoned worker in the industry.


Adding onto the importance of understandability, your case should also be as clear as possible. Outline what should have happened and present what actually took place. Painting a clear picture of what the discrepancies are should make it easier for the court to see why the case has substance.