Which Type of Internet Service Works Well for RVs?

RVs and campers are billed as all-purpose mobile homes that have all the essential amenities for a life on the road. However, one necessity that most mobile homes don’t come with is a good Internet connection. Because of the unique particulars of long road trips, not every traditional Internet service provider is capable of providing high-performance Internet service as you drive into highly remote areas. Furthermore, the best types of traditional broadband Internet service such as fiber optic Internet are usually only available in RV parks and not consistently while you are on the road.

For this reason, RVers should look for versatile RV WiFi plans such as mobile hotspots or satellite Internet. RV mobile Internet service providers such as UbiFi use cellular towers to provide an Internet signal nearly anywhere in the country. UbiFi and its fellow mobile Internet companies also have an advantage over satellite Internet in the form of low latency. UbiFi and other mobile Internet service providers are ideal for RV gaming because of their low latency and high speed, although these traits depend on how close to a cell tower you are.

Unlimited satellite Internet is another popular option. This option has the widest reach out of any other Internet option because it uses satellites in outer space to send Internet signals to almost any country you can think of. Satellite Internet generally performs very well, but it is vulnerable to obstructions such as trees and hills, which you will encounter often during trips to nature trails. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, satellite Internet is also prone to high latency, which makes it less than ideal for live events such as online gaming, video conferencing, and video chats.